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August 25, 2008

Green Drinks at Tuscany Grill: A Night in Review

The night began so innocently with a glass of wine and a little conversation... The first group of greenies arrived and were seated around the table and introductions were exchanged. It is always so interesting to learn people's background and their path to green.

We had a yoga instructor, computer programmer, green retailers, a journalist, even a program coordinator for the Boys and Girls Club. Everyone has such a different story to tell and a great passion for eco-living. This is truly what green drinks is all about.

We were served food that ranged from Italian and Mediterranean in style and wines from various regions. The evening favorite was the Pinot Grigio.

After sufficiently stuffing ourselves we all decided to stand and circulate a bit. There were incriminating photos taken by Verna (okay, not really incriminating per se) and we all had ourselves a merry little time until the hour of 9pm. Then it was time to head home to our respective lives with happy thoughts of green drinks swirling in our heads.

For those of you who attended, thanks for coming out. It was a pleasure meeting and getting to know you. Please feel free to add your comments and stories as well. If you could not attend I hope to see you at our future events.